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Sônia Guajajara proclaims « We will not retreat! » as Indigenous peoples gather in the Brazilian capital for a protest to defend their land rights! 

Barbara Crane Navarro

In opposition to PL191, a government bill in Congress that would allow mining and extractive industries on their reservations, 8,000 people representing more than 200 Indigenous nations from many regions of the country are gathered in Brasília for the Free Land Camp mobilization and 10 days of action in support of the Indigenous rights guaranteed in the Constitution.

The Free Land Camp (ATL) will take place from April 4-14, 2022, in Brasília.

Sônia Guajajara

Lawmakers in the lower house of Congress allied to the government are pushing through Bill 191 by using the argument that it is urgently needed to extract potash for fertilizer for Brazil’s grain crops that previously depended on imports from Ukraine, now disrupted by the war. However, Brazil’s potash reserves are located outside of Indigenous territories and the Bolsonaro government’s real intention is to allow gold mining and over extractive industries in Indigenous lands.

Sônia Guajajara…

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