Shamanic adventures! – « Amazon Rainforest Magic The adventures of Meromi, a Yanomami girl » – For ages 8 to 12 to 100!  – written and illustrated by Barbara Crane Navarro

Barbara Crane Navarro

illustration from «Amazon Rainforest Magic – The adventures of Meromi, a Yanomami girl»

«This second volume of theAmazon Rainforest Magicseries is a page-turner and as charming and delightful as the author’s first. The story line continues the thread from the previous book and the characters seem like old friends.

Meromi, a Yanomami girl now 9 years old, is a born healer and she wants to become a shaman – and is even more resolved since the adults in her community say that girls cannot …

With the help of improvised allies, she seeks a way to discourage intruders and make them leave the forest. It’s time for Meromi to use her gift for speaking with the animals …

Aspects of traditional Yanomami life in the Rainforest are woven into the fanciful story. The author’s enchanting illustrations transform readers into fellow travelers on Meromi’s magical quest.

A book for young people…

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