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Are Attacks Actually Confessions? — A Church for Starving Artists

Barbara Crane Navarro

Most South American countries were founded on the Great Replacement Theory, just like the USA…as were Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.

It looks like the current divides in our world have something to do with history. I once got into a conversation with a friend who was loudly complaining about people on welfare. As he ripped “Welfare Moms” I remembered that his own mother had been on welfare when he was a child after his father[…]

Are Attacks Actually Confessions? — A Church for Starving Artists

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4 thoughts on “Are Attacks Actually Confessions? — A Church for Starving Artists

  1. I guess we all have our ‘dark things we keep in the closet’ or like we say here ‘Les squelettes dans le placard’, Quebec and Canada carry their fair share of land appropriation, in fact the whole land and the recent events shading light on First Nations child in church pensionnat and foster homes doesn’t lighten the situation, at least maybe it is the first steps toward reconciliation. There is still a long road in front of us.

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    1. Yes, and recognizing the lasting effects of colonization on both Indigenous and settler communities is a vital first step!
      The Canadian author, Alain Deneault, wrote an excellent book (only available in French) on the subject “Bande de Colons” that should be read by everyone!

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      1. I will check that thanks, bande de colons here can have two meanings, settlers for one and also as a term meaning stupid, narrow minded and similar terms like that. Thank you, wish I could read portuguese but Google translate does a fairly good job I think, I hope…:) but thanks for writing posts in portuguese and english, I am mainly french speaking but my english is fairly good, nice to read your posts, they raised awareness and we do need lot of it…

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