WordPress still claims that I’m a “Spam-Bot”, but I Say “No” ! To Blog Abandonment! — Ale Scarpulla & (Um canceriano sem lar./Renard Moreau)

Hello WordPress Friends, I’m still not able to like any blogs and have retained my status as a “spam-bot” ??? for WordPress for over a month now, but “NO” I’m not giving up and will still be here (almost) every day!

Meanwhile, I’m also on Twitter just as often! On Twitter, I can like everyone’s blogs or articles whenever I want to, so – if you’re on Twitter, too – please find me at @ScarpullaA WordPress Love and Stars, Ale

Here’s the excellent blog that inspired my blog for today:

Yes my friend, giving up is easy to do. Therefore, any fool can scream, “I give up!” Renard provides bloggers with some easy techniques to prevent blog abandonment. Renard Moreau – Renard’s World People abandon their blogs for various reasons; such as: Loss of inspiration. Not having enough time. Receiving little or no views. Lack […]

Say “No” To Blog Abandonment — Um canceriano sem lar.

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10 thoughts on “WordPress still claims that I’m a “Spam-Bot”, but I Say “No” ! To Blog Abandonment! — Ale Scarpulla & (Um canceriano sem lar./Renard Moreau)

  1. Ale, I’m in the same predicament as you are. My blog has also been flagged and they are accusing me of being a spam bot- the same as you. My heart goes out to you and I feel your pain. Like you, I will not abandon the blog or my readers. Strong strong, sweetie!

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    1. Cherie, I am so shocked! Why is WordPress harassing bloggers like this?
      You write about such vital issues, your voice is truly needed.
      Thank you so much for commiserating. Knowing I that share this bizarre situation with another dedicated blogger does give me strength!
      💐 Ale


      1. I have no idea, Alex. I only wish I knew. And thank you for relying back to me, knowing that there are others getting the same abuse gives me strength as well and makes me want to unite with them. Know that we’re in this together and I’m always here if you need a friend to lean on! 💖💐🌹🦋

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      2. I’m so grateful for our mutual moral support team, Cherie! And yes, you’re correct, this treatment by WordPress qualifies as abuse. WordPress sells advertisements every time we post something, but they are attempting to silence us. I wonder whether actual human beings have been responding to my e-mails to them about this issue or are they the real “spam-bots”?


      3. I wonder that too. Because I spoke to a tech just Monday and he corrected the problem for me. After he did, I was able to like and follow for about four hours before I got flagged again. And I don’t understand why because I only liked maybe 20 posts, IF that many. And I only followed the people who had followed me during my little following and liking “outage.” It’s just weird, I tell ya! I’ve never heard of anytime like this every happening to anyone else besides you and me. And it had never happened to me before now and I’ve been blogging over six years!

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      4. This is insane, Cherie!
        I read your “Good News, Everyone!” post and was impressed that they reinstated your capacity to interact with other bloggers. It’s absurd that it only lasted a few hours!
        My own exchanges with them haven’t ended well because I complain about the situation, but refuse to apologize to a company that’s selling advertising every time I post something.
        If actual human beings and not algorithms are responding to us, it is definitely abusive behavior on their part!
        I also wonder where WordPress is based because, in my exchanges with them, the contact’s level of English has been minimal to abysmal.
        Could it be that we’re interacting with algorithms from Bing “Automatik” Translation Land?
        The mystery continues…
        💖💐🌹🦋 Ale


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