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The Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous Forest Peoples in Peril! – a series of short films by Barbara Crane Navarro – 5 – « The Forest is Burning – Art Installation » 5:22

Barbara Crane Navarro

Yanomami shaman communicating with the spirits of the forest, Amazonas, Brazil – photo and photo montage: Barbara Crane Navarro

«The Forest is Burning – Art Installation» alternates scenes from the «Fire Performance» burning of one of my totemic sculptures at the art space La Miroiterie in Paris with the «Fire Performance» burning of another of my totemic sculptures in the Yanomami village of Arata-Teri in the Alto Orinoco region of Amazonas, Venezuela and scenes of Yanomami shamanic initiation and daily life in the forest and the village.

Musicians and spectators at the «Burning Sculpture» performance at La Miroiterie, Paris, France – photo: Barbara Crane Navarro

The destruction of the world’s tropical forests is a tragedy and a crime. The destruction of my totemic sculptures during «Fire Sculpture» performances is my way of expressing the urgency of protecting these forests and the lives of the Indigenous communities that depend on them…

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