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The Amazon Rainforest and Indigenous Forest Peoples in Peril! – a series of short films by Barbara Crane Navarro – 6 – « Totemic Sculptures – Grace Teshima Gallery Exhibit » 4:04

Barbara Crane Navarro

Totemic Sculpture – canvas sky and cosmos

In «Totemic Sculptures – Grace Teshima Gallery Exhibit» textured paintings plus two totemic sculptures, one in canvas and one in metal, alternate with scenes of Yanomami life in the Amazon rainforest on a screen.

Totemic sculpture – canvas sky and cosmos(detail)

The elements of the two totemic sculptures: The circular shape made with branches represents the communal house of the Yanomami Indigenous people. The suspended bands represent shamanic energies that connect the Yanomami village to the sky, to heaven, to the cosmos. The sculptures are totemic because the power and ritual element of the totem in Indigenous cultures of the Americas is such a vital source.

The inspiration for my work comes from winters I’ve spent with Yanomami communities in the Amazon Rainforest. As of 2005, it’s been 9 years now, and I’m going back for the 10th year this coming winter. At first, I painted…

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