LAND BACK NOW! « Land for the Indigenous people has no commercial value, as in the private sense of civil possession. It is a relationship of identity, which includes spirituality and existence, and it is possible to affirm that there is no Indigenous community without land! » 

Barbara Crane Navarro

Indigenous people brandishing the Brazilian Constitutionin 2021

‘They ripped off our leaves

broke our branches

cut our trunks

But they forgot to pull out our roots’

And today we are here fighting for life. They still don’t understand it.

But it is true that Indigenous peoples are in danger of disappearing!

Please remain attentive and mobilized! NO to the Time Frame Trick! »

«Indigenous Rights are at risk in Brazil, as never before in history. Indigenous Peoples are now being persecuted in our country by a president who articulates the total dismantling of our Rights.» – Emerson Pataxó

Indigenous people follow the court proceedings on a screen in front of the Federal Supreme Courtin 2021

In a landmark court case that was first presented in 2017, only two justices have voted. The case has been postponed repeatedly over the years…

Brazil’s Supreme Court Minister Edson Fachin cast his…

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