To paraphrase Yanomami shaman and spokesman Davi Kopenawa: « The luxury jewelry industry is a trap for the Yanomami people. Cartier uses their “friendship” to deceive and manipulate us. What they want is to extract our wealth and send it to other countries. The wealth of our Yanomami land, they will take it and send it to China, Japan, Germany and elsewhere. It’s their way of thinking. It’s their concern, earning money, earning money to get rich. »

Barbara Crane Navarro

Mural with Yanomami girl holding “Pas de Cartier” sign – photo montage: Barbara Crane Navarro/EZK StreetArt

Organized crime controls illegal gold distribution and illegally mined gold commands an important share of the world’s gold market. In the case of Latin America experts estimate that one half of the region’s exported gold is mined illegally.
Narco-traffickers are contributing to the violence in the Amazon region. Their operations used to rely on drug trafficking. Now, they also depend on illegal gold. One of the reasons illegal gold is so valuable to criminal groups is that, unlike cocaine, there’s a legal version that looks exactly like it…

CartierPhotomontage: P.O.D.

Cartier represents the commodity fetishism of luxury jewelry – items that are functionally useless to human society. You can click on this link: to see what luxury gold items they are selling and then you can click on…

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