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4 thoughts on “Surprise Visit to the garden by a female Pheasant

  1. What a pretty bird. Was she in your own garden? Where are you based? I’m in the UK and have never seen a pheasant, male or female, in my garden, although I get robins, goldcrests, bluebirds, wrens, and many collared doves. They’re all beautiful. I’m very fortunate. Ellie

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    1. Yes, it’s the first and only time I saw a Pheasant in my garden here in France in ten years. I have all of the birds you list and am special friends with a Robin. In farming areas not so far from here there haven’t been any birds singing for years because of the pesticides they spray on their crops… We are both very, very fortunate! Happy Easter, Ale

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      1. Thanks for replying to my comment, Ale. Robins are always such good friends with gardeners because they so love the worms that are turned over in the soil from digging. But, yes, we are the same here around farming parts of the country. The pesticides that farmers use and that governments allow them to use do so much harm to our bird populations and also to bees, butterflies and other insects. Their numbers are being depleted all the time. It’s so sad.

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      2. It’s devastating to wildlife and also to us and our children. Cancer is rampant in populations of wine-growing regions of France further south. Local governments are too influenced (paid off?) by lobbyists to enact serious measures.
        We live on a dead-end street in a small town and pesticides are forbidden in gardens. A stream runs through our garden which is why there are Nutrias, Ducks and Moor Hens who pass by when they want to. We offer appropriate food for birds and wildlife all year so we can be sure they have healthy pesticide-free choices!

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