The-Not-Being-Able-To-Like-Any-Blogs-Mystery-Solved! – Episode 2

Hello All My Dear Fellow Bloggers,

As I mentioned in a post a few days ago, I contacted WordPress to let them know that:

“I’ve been unable to like any blogs, my own or those of other bloggers, for several days.”

This is their response as of April 27th: Your account has been flagged for an excessive amount of social activity, making your account appear more like a spam-bot than a human being.

Your ability to like other blogs will not be restored at this time.

Regards, Trust & Safety

I wrote back:

Dear Trust & Safety,

I am an actual human being and I’m deeply sorry if I have been overly enthusiastic. The limits of interacting on WordPress were never clearly defined, or I would not have transgressed them! 

You state that “Your ability to like other blogs will not be restored at this time.”

Please do give me a date at which my interactions will be restored and I’ll make an announcement to the people whose blogs have been ignored, through no fault of mine, for many days.


Ale Scarpulla

I’ve been reading your blogs and liking them in my heart and I hope that my capacity to show you that with stars will be restored soon!



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5 thoughts on “The-Not-Being-Able-To-Like-Any-Blogs-Mystery-Solved! – Episode 2

    1. I was so shocked and still don’t know what their problem is, exactly! I don’t know what I did to be suspected of being a bot and not a person at all! Some WordPress algorithm targeted me as subversive! The funniest part of the story is that they are “not ready to forgive me yet”!
      Thank you for your moral support!
      Cheers, Ale


  1. Le plus drôle est que c’est certainement un bot qui est intervenu dans cette affaire, ah ah ah, laissez-nous rire et nous vous lisons toujours avec grand plaisir, et merci pour les photos animales, 🙂 / The funny thing is that it was certainly a bot that intervened in this case, ah ah ah, let us laugh and we always read you with great pleasure, and thank you for the animal photos, 🙂

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    1. J’étais tellement choqué et je ne sais toujours pas quel est leur problème, exactement! Je ne sais pas ce que j’ai fait pour être soupçonné d’être un bot et pas du tout une personne ! Certains algorithme WordPress m’ont ciblé comme subversif ! Le plus drôle, c’est qu’ils ne sont “pas encore prêts à me pardonner” !
      Merci pour ton soutien moral, Louise ! Amitiés, Ale

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