The-Not-Being-Able-To-Like-Any-Blogs-Saga-Continues! – Episode 3

Why Me?

May 1st: Why is this insane issue continuing?

Dear WordPress representative,

I am receiving notices from WordPress: “🎉 Congrats! Tiny Life is getting noticed.” while I’m still unable to like any blogs!

This situation is schizophrenic!

Please take the necessary measures to reinstate my capacity to like blogs!


Alessandra Scarpulla


I’m still being punished for what was surely the assessment of an algorithm that I’m suspected of being a “spam bot”… This is clearly a mistake, as I am a human being who has been sharing on WordPress for two years

May 2nd: Response from WordPress:

As we mentioned on April 25, 2022, your account has been flagged for an excessive amount of social activity, making your account appear more like a spam-bot than a human being. We have reviewed your account and the ability to like other blogs will not be restored at this time.


Automattic Trust & Safety


May 4th:

Dear Automattic Trust & Safety,

Yes, I read your assessment on April 25th and absolutely do not understand how I, a human being, could have been, and am still being, mistaken for a “spam-bot”!

You state that you have reviewed my account and then you add that the ability to like other blogs will not be restored at this time.

Was my account flagged and/or reviewed “automattically” or by an actual human being?

What, exactly, is an “excessive amount of social activity”? I thought that social activity on WordPress was the point of its existence.

Pease elaborate so that I can better comprehend the situation.



My profound thanks and gratitude to all my fellow bloggers who are continuing to appreciate my posts even though I’m (temporarily?) unable to reciprocate!

Hearts! & Stars! Ale

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4 thoughts on “The-Not-Being-Able-To-Like-Any-Blogs-Saga-Continues! – Episode 3

    1. Thanks SO much, Cherie, for re-blogging my post!
      I don’t even correspond with them anymore, since it never produces any clarity…
      You’re right that we will continue to fight the good fight and we will never give up blogging!


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