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« The Yanomami think and speak with the soul of the land, the rivers, the mountains, the moon, the stars and the sun. »

Barbara Crane Navarro

Where are the Yanomami? Where’s Brazil?

This month, the Yanomami will celebrate the 30th anniversary of the demarcation of their territory, a landmark in the struggle for Indigenous people’s rights. Their lands are protected in theory but not in fact…
Brazil’s president Bolsonaro supports illegal gold miners and encourages extractive industries on Indigenous lands. He and his government are complicit in the ongoing massacre and destruction which is pushing the planet closer to ecological catastrophe.

Illegal gold mining site on Indigenous land

Indigenous territories are being destroyed and plundered by illegal gold mining. Gold miners mix 6 kilos of mercury into the water and soil for every kilo of gold they take.
Yanomami families are poisoned from mercury in their water and fish.
Yanomami are shot by the invading gold miners and women and children are brutalized and raped.

Yanomami girl

«The Yanomami think and speak with the soul of…

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